Supervision of Personnel Affairs on campus
Name Position Tel Email
CHOU, CHUN-YU Director of Personnel 301
MENG, FAN-TSUNG Senior Executive Officer 305

Organization chart designs, headcount management, human resources data management, etc.
Name Position Tel Email
LI, HSIU-JUNG Division Chief 302
CHANG, SIAO-JING Officer 761
TSAI, YI-LING Administrative Clerk 615
PEI YUN ,YANG Administrative Clerk 643

The appointment and promotion of teachers, the concurrent positions of teachers as supervisors, the appointment and removal of civil servants in examinations, the recruitment and transfer of contract personnel, and the violation of academic ethics by teachers are dealt with.
Name Position Tel Email
LO, CHIEN-PANG Division Chief 304
CHOU, HAN-LIN Executive Officer 650
CHENG, KO-HSIN Officer 617
HSU, FANG-HSUAN Officer 648
CHEN, WEI-LING Administrative Officer 170
LIAO, PEI-LING Administrative Clerk 614
LIN, JIE-LING Administrative Clerk 645

Performance appraisal, rewards and punitive measures for faculty staff, attendance management of faculty staff.
Name Position Tel Email
CHEN, CHAO-CHI Division Chief 303
LI, WEI-CJIEN Executive Officer 647
HUNG, CHUN-JU Officer 613
CHIANG, PEI-CHUN Administrative Clerk 651
HSIA, FONG-SIH Administrative Clerk 699
LIAO, SHAO-BO Administrative Clerk 570

Personnel management of killed workers and manual workers, manage the personnel of contract hire, worker, etc.
Name Position Tel Email
YANG, YA-JU Division Chief 569
LU, MING-HWEI Officer 642
WU, CHIA-HUA Administrative Officer 619
WU, YI-LIN Administrative Clerk 559
CHENG, YI-CHUN Administrative Clerk 618
CHANG, MIN-HSIU Administrative Clerk 646