Supervision of Personnel Affairs on campus
Name Position Tel Email
LAI, FUE-YUAN Director of Personnel 301
JENG, HUEY-FANG Senior Executive Officer 305

Organization chart designs, headcount management, recruitments, promotions, temporary transfers and part-time work of lecturers and professors, relocations and dismiss of faculty employers, etc.
Name Position Tel Email
NIEN, HUI-CHUAN Division Chief 302
(專員)待遴補 Executive Officer 650
LU,YI-BIN Officer 648
CHUNG, YING-CHIA Officer 643
CHEN, WEI-LING Administrative Clerk 615

Training of teaching and faculty staff, performance reviews, rewards and punitive measures for public servants, attendance management of teaching and faculty staff, and salary and benefit increases for teaching staff.
Name Position Tel Email
HUANG, CHIA-LIN Division Chief 304
CHOU, YI-CHUN Executive Officer 645
CHOU, HAN-LIN Officer 647
SHEN, CHI-JUI Administrative Clerk 699
FENG. YI-SHAN Administrative Clerk 651

Retirement, pensions, benefits, welfares, public-servant insurance and health insurance of teaching and faculty staff, care-taking of retired staff and human resources data management.
Name Position Tel Email
LO, HSIAO-CHING Division Chief 303
CHENG, KO-HSIN Officer 617
(組員)待遴補 649
LIU, YI-HSUN Administrative Clerk 646

Personnel management of killed workers and manual workers, manage the personnel of contract hire, worker
Name Position Tel Email
Yang Ya Ju 569
WU,CHIA-HUA Administrative Clerk 619
HUANG, HUEI-TING Administrative Clerk 618
LIAO, PEI-LING Administrative Clerk 614
TSAI,YI-LING Administrative Clerk 559
LIAO, SHAO BO Administrative Clerk 570
WEI, MIAO-SHAN Administrative Clerk 613